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May 6 2024

Philip Barlow

Philip Barlow's works are elaborations of images, mostly of nocturnal cities, that make them appear to be seen by a myopic eye. They are on display at "BUGNO ART GALLERY" through Oct. 30.

Barlow 10

One can easily test it by looking through a positive lens; reality breaks down and colors take on blurred hues and distorted shapes. Barlow's work is a quest to capture images that tend toward abstraction while retaining a hyper-realistic, plastic fluidity.

"I seek the capture of the moment, that millisecond of time when everything aligns perfectly: form, light and color come together in all their complexity. A perfect symphony. "

Where we are

S. Marco Frezzeria 1280, Lido di Venezia, Italy
S. Marco Frezzeria 1280
Venezia, Italy
Gran Viale 61, Lido di Venezia, Italy
Gran Viale 61,
Lido di Venezia, Italy
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