The Venice glass week 7/15 September " Glass Art Seen in a Different Light"
The Venice glass week 2019  Glass Art Seen in a Different Light- Ottica Urbani meets Lorenzo Passi Artist


Glass Art Seen in a Different Light

Ottica Urbani MEETS Lorenzo Passi

For the 2019 edition of “The Venice Glass Week”, Ottica Urbani and artist Lorenzo Passi's joint proposal is a new art project aimed at taking eyeglasses back home, where they were born, steeped in the crystalline mass of Murano glass. 

Around 1200 AD, vitrea ab oculis ad legendum revolutionized for evermore the world of knowledge. 

The artistic features of this artist lie in the manipulation, treatment and blowing of glass within wrought iron items, workshop scrap metal, and other ferrous materials recovered from various contexts.

A new series of works is being created. Like alien creatures, they connect us with an archaic world of fire, metal, and glass.



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