Historic shop in Venice
Since 1953, we have been creating eyewear with a unique design. Original hand made spectacles made in Venice Italy
Ottica Urbani was founded in 1953 in Frezzeria, where it still stands close to St. Mark’s Square. 
These are the years of the first experiences in design applied to eyewear which are supported by advanced technical research.
Even today the association with different forms of art, originality and craftsmanship are fundamental components of the Urbani philosophy.
This is how unique glasses are born, the fruit of a creative and ironic experimentation, whereby the use of heterogeneous materials, such as textiles or Murano glass murrine, render each model the unique expression of a lively personality tinged with optimism.
Research and experimentation: these are two elements that have allowed the rediscovery of production techniques and materials typical of the small artisan companies of the Veneto region; true excellence of Made in Italy. 
Original hand made spectasles, strange sunglasses to be special , to be different
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Ottica Urbani